Matthew Ledlow


My Services

For 20 years, in numerous industries, I have spent significant time honing my skills to provide the best outcome. Below are some of the more popular services I provide to help my companies and clients.

Management/Finance Consultant

Helping businesses resolve their efficiency, growth and financial concerns, filling in the gaps where you need it, not where you don’t.

Business Strategist

Specializing is game-changing strategy, out-of-the-box thinking, and long-term plan preparation to get that turn-around or jump-start you want.

Board of Directors Member

Collaborating to assist in the organization of leadership to help develop tactics for financial growth and net profit increase.

Corporate Executive

Overseeing the processes, finance, and/or executive control of business to carry out a company’s day-to-day operations.

About Me

You’re looking for someone who has been where you are and knows what you are after, someone who has his fingers on the pulse of your industry, and someone who believes in your business. You need the best to get you where you want to go. You need me. With specialized experience in reparation, strategy, and stagnancy-eliminating growth, which includes financial and executive management of small- and mid-sized corporations, I help bring the results that are just outside of your reach.

My Experience

Experience is key, and finding that individual who knows how to avoid the pitfalls with making the wrong decision at the wrong time is important. Below is a brief overview of my past experience that provides a sample of how I can help.

Lambert Corporation

2007 – 2017

Chief Executive Office

Directly responsible for every single aspect of the resurrection of the company starting in 2012, which turned a bankrupt business to over a 200% increase to revenue and a recognized name in the building materials manufacturing industry.

Meyer Ledlow,

2011 – 2017

Managing Member

Complete authority and control of all business transactions including asset management, procurement, and growth, which has led to successful administration of all facets to the complete satisfaction of all interested members.

Alpha Manufacturing

2010 – 2012

Board Member

Unanimously elected to board by controlling members which led to the sole creation, acceptance, and implementation of plans to prevent severe fiscal damage created by preceding owner extreme mismanagement.

Private Consultant

2003 – 2017

Private Consultant

Private consultation on levels ranging from individual review and advisement for legal action or prevention to long-term onsite co-working processes in business areas including personnel, management, finance and operations.

Satisfied Customers

3000 +

Resurrected Businesses

5 +

Successful Project

1000 +

Trusted Vendors

1000 +

My Portfolio

Listing a couple of projects is great, but you’re seeking an individual whose actions are immense and cause(d) dramatic effect on the businesses with which he or she is/was involved. Below is major impacting events for which I am individually responsible and proud to be involved.


Notable Projects

Expert Consultation

Managerial and Financial Situations


Notable Projects


Creation to Rebranding

Lambert Corporation

Resurrection and Success

Business Strategy

Advanced Corporate Growth

Software Implementation

Communication, CRM or ERP

Advisement to Legal Counsel

Complex Corporate Conditions

Research and Development

Chemical, Product, and Machinery

I am available to help